Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jaipur, the Pink City and more

After visiting many palaces of the city in Jaipur we continued to explore the city and visited quite a lot of forts and other monuments of the city. As we did not spend much time for shopping on the trip we thought of shopping in the city of Jaipur.

In Rajasthan this is the best city to do the shopping. There are many markets known for the art and craft of Rajasthan. Some of them are Kishanpol Bazar, Haldiyon Ka Rasta, Mahiharon Ka Rasta, M.I. Road, Jauhari Bazar, Bapu Bazar, Nehru Bazaar. Each of these markets offer wide variety of products. Explaining the variety does not make any sense and best enjoyed only by experience the shopping here.
There are several monuments in the city and let us visit few of them and the remaining in subsequent post.

Chokhi Dhani

It is neither a monument nor any heritage site. But it does showcase the Rajasthani tradition. It is a five star ethnic village resort located at Tonk road 35 kms away from Jaipur.

For the tourists visiting Jaipur it provides awesome experience with respect to Rajasthani culture. Every day one Mela is organized in the evening. People can visit Chokhi Dhani Village resort, have dinner, enjoy camel ride, Elephant rides, Bullock cart rides on nominal charges. They can also enjoy traditional dance forms, folk songs of Rajasthan here. There is opportunity for everybody who loves shopping in handicrafts.

Albert Hall

Many of the palaces of the rulers of Rajasthan were designed by a British architect, Sir Swinton Jacob. He also designed the Albert Hall. Today, it is home for exquisite collection of sculptures, paintings, objects of art, natural history specimens, an Egyptian mummy and a beautiful Persian carpet.

This is a beautiful place not to be missed during the Jaipur trip. Unfortunately we could not go inside as it was very early in the morning and we had to proceed with our journey as planned earlier. We could take only snaps of the place from outside and proceed further. But on my next visit to the city I surely plan to cover this and many more.

In the next post we shall visit other remarkable forts of the city.

P.S: December is the month when lot of tourists land in Rajasthan. So if you really want all the arrangements to be done properly this has to be done before October end.


Shammickite said...

Oh, how much I would live to visit. I have always been fascinated by India, it's culture, it's music, it's food, it's Bollywood dance movies! lovely.

Ailurophile said...

Albert Hall looks so majestic! Thanks for another educative post about your pretty country!

Elisabeth's bright side said...

Very impressive building!

Photo Cache said...

Jaipur remains on the top of my wish list. A friend grew up somewhere close to Jaipur so he says it's really a wonderful place.

SandyCarlson said...

The cross-fertilization of cultures is an old phenomenon.

Cloudia said...

Thank you for your kind condolence at my blog!! Namaste & Aloha

Rajesh said...

Thanks to all for the beautiful words.

Shammickite: You are very much welcome. When you say Bollywood movie, the dance shown above is also pictured in an old movie "Navrang".

Ailurophile: Thanks, it is really majestic.

Photocache: It is a beautiful place, definitely worth a visit.

Elisabeth: Thanks for the appreciation.

Sandy: Yes, I agree with you very much.

Naturegirl said...

It is wonderful to see your world miles away from mine with just a click of the keys! Thank you for sharing!

Regina said...

Hi Rajesh. Thanks for the tour. Beautiful place.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

I have been in this place last summer and I can tell is amazing!

George said...

Although I appreciated the picture of the impressive Albert Hall, I was amazed at the picture of the woman balancing so many containers on her head. Unbelievable.

alicesg said...

Beautiful place and rich culture. Lovely. Thanks for your comments in my blog.

Aparna said...

You blog brought back some fond memories of Jaipur. I had specially loved Chokhi Dhaani.I have been to Jaipur 3 times and each time I found something new and wonderful.

Ice said...

Thank you for stopping by recently, Rajesh. I'm starting to realise that India has many amazing treasures - cultures and exquisite architectures.

magiceye said...

thank you for sharing the beauty of jaipur

Rajesh said...

Thanks to all for the nice words.

Naturegirl: Thanks, welcome to my world.

Regina: Thanks for the appreciation.

Cloudia: Take care.

Phivos: Good to know you have already visited this place.

Ai Shiang: Thanks for the appreciation.

George: Thanks, it is the dance that is specifically practiced in Rajasthan and there is variety to it.

Alice: Thanks for the appreciation.

Aparna: True, every time you will find something interesting in this city. That is why I want to make one more trip.

magiceye: Thanks for the appreciation.

Julie ScottsdaleDailyPhoto.com said...

Jaipur was a wonderful place to visit. I met some great people and saw so many fabulous places, designs, and the exquisite saris worn everywhere. and, the food, is phenomenal. I can't get enough of garlic naan bread.

Anonymous said...

oh wow!! Rajesh.. How nice!!! You've got such a fab blog.. I've always wanted to travel to jaipur... so seeing it through your eyes... is like bliss.. THANK YOU!!!

Will go through all your posts today. THANKS once again!!

Zuzana said...

I like the picture of the woman dancing, I cannot believe she can balance all that on her head - very impressive.;)))

Kcalpesh said...

Thanks for sharing this. And double thinks for the tip you gave in the end about the arrangements... :-)

Sharmistha Guha said...

I love your passion for travelling and visiting new places....capturing them in images and words and most of all, a big thanks for sharing it with us all..

Dave Coulter said...

Jaipur is supposed to be wonderful...I hope to visit sometime!

Bengbeng said...

The first pic of the lady with stuff on the head is awesome. Somebody was commenting on Bollywood. Not relevant to this post but the most memorable Bollywood movie I saw was a movie where elephants cried..hei mare saathi or something like that

Pietro Brosio said...

Rajesh, these are wonderful pictures, both the woman dancing and the building with such a nice architecture. Thanks for sharing!

Debra Trean said...

beautiful and amazing art forms in different places of the world what a informative blog as well.

Sharon said...

Lovely post. Thank you!

joo said...

The picture of woman is incredible! You definitely put Jaipur on the top list of my destinations!

Laurie said...

Such an amazing place with such history and culture. Thanks for sharing.

Femin Susan said...

It was my wish to visit jaipur and study their culture and their customs.
Now I know a little bit.

Have a nice day

Rajesh said...

Thanks to all for the beautiful words.

Julie: I am amazed at how much you know about this city. Great.

Kcalpesh: Thanks for the appreciation.

Patricia: Thanks for the appreciation. Welcome you to the city.

Protege: Thanks, it requires lot of skills to make all the moves by balancing the pots on head.

SGD: Thanks for the appreciation and understanding my passion.

Pietro: Thanks for the appreciation.

Dave: It is a beautiful place, definitely worth a visit.

Bengbeng: Thanks, it need lot of skill.

Debra: Thanks for the appreciation.

Sharon: Thanks.

Joo: Thanks for the appreciation. You should definitely plan to visit the city.

Laurie: Thanks for the appreciation.

Femin: Thanks, More to come on Jaipur. Keep tab on this.

Krishanu said...

Rajesh, my boy, just a little question: Have you recently been on a travel spree?

Man,the pics are marvellous! Also, I have never been to jaipur, but it seems te place is awesome.
Keep it up, Dude!!!

humanobserver said...

nice shots Rajesh. I know Rajasthan is a paradise for photographers and tourists.

GMG said...

Hi Rajesh! You got some spendid pictures! The full pot performance and the Hall without the pigeons!! Great Shots!
Missed you at Blogtrotter.
Have a great weekend!

Tussy said...

Amazing how she can put such thing on her head, it is huge.

My Bangkok Through My Eyes

Baron's Life said...

The dancer looks very good...so does the rest of the post
Thanks Buddy

Lowell said...

Thanks for coming by Cedar Key DP! That way I found your blog. It is wonderful. Love the photos and the great amount of information you provide.

Anya said...

I like the amazing head LOL
Fantastic post !!
Albert Hall ??
Oepssssssss ......
British architect, oke
Sound not as a building from India!
But its very Amazing ^__^
Great pictures as always ;)

Rajesh said...

Thanks to all for the beautiful words.

Krishanu: I had traveled sometime back to this place, but had not blogged. It is a beautiful city.

GMG: Thanks for the appreciation. There were actually pigeons around that place.

Anya: Thanks for the appreciation.

Deepak: Thanks, I agree with you, it is a paradise for those who love photography.

Baron: Thanks for the appreciation.

Beaclike: Thanks, it is a skill and practice.

Jacob: Thanks for the appreciation.

Unknown said...

Excellent blog. Jaipur is wonderful but you are great!! Thanks for your comments in my blog.

Reader Wil said...

Thank you so much Rajesh for this beautiful tour. You are an excellent guide in a country so old with such a rich culture. I thank you also for your visits to my blog and the kind words. I feel flattered that you find my blog nice and my country beautiful. Thanks! I wish I had the time to visit your blog more often and that of more bloggers. Life goes fast especially for elderly people, like myself.Have a great weekend!

Carver said...

Thanks for the tour. A very interesting post and great shots.

P.N. Subramanian said...

Extremely beautiful presentation. I loved it. Thanks. I have another blog in Hindi which is more active. The information would be interesting too.

Ebie said...

Wow, very informative travel blog. I wonder how she could those in her head? It is amazing!

penny said...

Your blog and photos are wonderful. Thanks for visiting...

Darla said...

Your blog is such a treasure of words, photo's and history. I'm an appreciative arm chair traveler.


PS thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm always happy to meed someone new.

Sucharita Sarkar said...

The photo of the lady with the 'matkas' on her head is awesome.

Rajesh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sumandebray said...

You have a great blog. I salute you for being so great a brand ambasador for our county. And I also like your post very much. Now on I shall follow your blog.
Thanks for visiting my place.

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sujata sengupta said...


Jasper said...

fascinating pictures!

Anonymous said...

would love to shoot all over jaipur. looking forward for your remaining posts!

JRandSue said...

Thankyou Rajesh for your kind comments on my Blog.I love your Blog and India, we hope to return to your country in the near future.
Once again thankyou.
Cornwall UK.

Unknown said...

The Albert Hall looks stunning... Can't believe I never even knew such magnificent building exists.

Unknown said...

It's been wonderful travelling through your blog! I've spent three weeks visiting Rajasthan and most of your shots are so familiar! I'll be back soon! :-)

Rajesh said...

Thanks to all for the beautiful words.

Ajoy: Thanks for the appreciation. Jaipur is a nice place.

Wil: Thanks for the appreciation.

P.N.Subramanian: Thanks, You blog in Hindi is very nice. I loved it.

Carver: Thanks for the appreciation.

Ebie: Thanks for the appreciation. It is a dance form and needs lot of skill.

Pam: Thanks for the appreciation.

Sucharita: Thanks, there were many people there showcasing different styles.

Darla: Thanks for the appreciation.

Rajesh said...

Thanks to all for the beautiful words.

Suman: Thanks for the appreciation & understanding. You are always welcome.

Every Heart: Thanks for the appreciation.

jasperjugan: Thanks

Sujata: Thanks for the appreciation.

Joshi: Thanks. It is a nice place with every area is architectural marvel.

JRandSue: Thanks, you are welcome to India.

Ilan: Thanks for the appreciation.

JRandSue: Thanks and I am delighted to hear you have already seen this.

Unknown said...

I love Jaipur and I love Chokhi Dhaani.Also Amer Fort is one of my favsy too...not to forget the delicious Pyaaz-ki-kachori of jaipur!!

Glennis said...

Jaipur was a great place to visit, I enjoyed the palaces and the people, even got a taste of the monsoon weather while we were there. It can really rain!

Barbara Martin said...

Another fascinating tidbit about your country. Some day I hope to be able to visit India and take in the sights.

Rajesh said...

Sara: Thanks, I agree with you it is a beautiful place with lot to offer.

Glennis: Thanks, good to know you were here and also liked the place.

Barbara: Thanks for appreciation. You should plan one trip.