Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Rishabhanatha Cave, Khandagiri

Navamuni Gumpha located on Southern-eastern side of the Khandagiri Hillock of Orissa. It belongs to 1st century B.C.  during the period of Mahameghavahana Chedi dynasty. 

Presently the cave has entirely collapsed except for the back wall of the cave.

On the back wall there are three reliefs images, two of Rishabhanatha and one of Amra carved at the top portion.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Kedareshwara Temple, Halebid

Kedareshwara Temple at Halebid is just about 500 m away from the famous Hoysaleshwara Temple. As per inscriptions in this Hoysala temple dedicated to Lord Shiva it is constructed by Hoysala King Veera Ballala II and his queen Ketaladevi.

This magnificent temple is built using soap stone around 1219 A.D stands on a 16 corner platform that is five to six feet in height. The layout of the main shrine is star shaped with two smaller shrines that have perforated windows on the sides.

The temple has eight equally sized strips of sculptures all around it on the external wall. From the bottom the first row has elephants, second row has Cavalry forces, the third and fifth row is decorated with beautiful creepers and flowers. 

The fourth row has series of lions ans this is also a mascot of Hoysala dynasty. The sixth row has various scenes from Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Bhagavatha. The seventh row consists of Makara and eight rows consist of swans.

All around the temple there are sculptures of Gods and Goddesses, shown under ornamented and intricately carved canopies.