Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Arulmigu Mariamman Temple, Ooty

This temple in Ooty is located near the market area of the city. It is dedicated to Mariamman, the Hindu Goddess of rain. The Goddess is considered to be a form of Kaali, and is also referred to as Mahamaayi or Seethala Gowri.

The entrance tower of the beautiful and colorful. The tower has sculptures of diety in her various forms. 

The temple festival is celebrated in the month of April and thousands of people celebrate it with great fanfare.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Sun Temple, Modhera

Sun Temple at Modhera is one of the architectural marvel in the state of Gujarat. The temple that was built in 1026 AD has a unique architecture is most important Sun Temple in the whole of Gujarat. The temple dedicated to Sun God was built by Rushabh Bhimdev I of Solanki Dynasty. 

The whole structure standing on a basement consisted of the Garbhagrha, Guha Mandapa, Sabha Mandapa. In front of the temple is the sacred pond called the Surya Kunda. 

The Guha Mandap is the main temple with sanctum is a rectangular structure, with its length inside the walls 51 feet that is almost double of its width of 25 feet. It was designed so that the rays of the rising and setting sun on the day of Summer solstice and not equinox falls on the idol of Sun. Unfortunately there is no idol in the temple as in the olden days it was plundered by Mahmud Gazni. 

The Sabha Mandap is a magnificent pillared hall that has been carved ornately. It is open from all sides and has 52 intricately carved pillars.

The exterior of the temple walls has been carved exquisitely with 12 different postures of Sun God along with various other deities. Between the Sabha Mandapa and the Main Sanctum is a beautiful hall with exquisitely carved pillars and arches.

The Suryakunda is a large rectangular stepped tank under the east face of the Sabha Mandapa is used to store pure water. Devotees were required to perform ceremonial ablutions here before worshiping the Sun God.