Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sun Temple Complex, Konark

When touring Orissa, if one does not visit Sun Temple Complex at Konark on the shores of the Bay of Bengal that you have not seen anything. We left Bhubaneshwar early in the morning to visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site

There are many small hotels nearby and we had breakfast in one of the small eatery here. And then we entered the complex that has various structures which strongly represent the Kalingan architecture, that is a outstanding testimony to the 13th century Ganga Empire.

It was built over a period of 12 years by 1200 committed artisans led by master builder, Bisu Moharana. The various architectural marvels are:
  • Sun Temple
  • Natmandir (Dance Hall)
  • Mayadevi Temple

The masterclass of this site even though in ruins can be fully appreciated by being there in person. We shall se more of this place in subsequent posts.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Moodbidri, the Jainkashi

Moodabidri is a town-municipality just 38 kms from Mangalore. It is nestled in nature’s beauty, surrounded by lush green paddy fields and natural water ponds. 

It is regarded as sacred for Jains by virtue of its being a Jain center. As a result it is known as Jainkashi. It is a pilgrim center for the Jains not only because of several sacred Basadis, but more so because of the most sacred scriptures of Jainism, the Dhawalas found in their original form on palm leaves.

We were here in search of  "Thosand Pillar Basadi". But we were pleasantly surprised to discover many more of heritage structures. There are 18 huge Basadis or temples here of which some I have visited:
  • Guru Basadi
  • Thousand Pillar Basadi
  • Badga Basadi
  • Settara Basadi
  • Ammanavara Basadi
  • Betkeri Basadi
  • Koti Basadi
  • Vikrama Setty Basadi
  • Kallu Basadi
  • Leppada Basadi
  • Deramma Setty Basadi
  • Chola Setty Basadi
  • Mahadeva Setty Basadi
  • Bykanathikari Basadi
  • Kere Basadi
  • Padu Basadi
  • Shri Jain Math Basadi
  • Jaim Pathshala Basadi

The nearby places of interest are: