Friday, May 8, 2009

Udaipur, City of Lakes and more

Apart from the City Place, this city has lot more to offer. There are beautiful temples and parks that are worth a visit.

Lake Palace

Lake Palace is one of the most beautiful places. The Palace situated amidst the scenic Pichola Lake. It was constructed by Maharana Jai Singh II in 1746. Raised in white marble, the magnificent palace stretches across four-acre island. Other name of this palace is Jag Niwas named after the King.

The wonderful architecture of the Lake Palace comprises of may courtyards. Each of these courtyards are aligned with numerous columns, terraces. The palace has many beautiful fountains and well laid gardens. The palace has several beautiful rooms by the name of Bada Mahal, Khush Mahal, Ajjan Niwas, Phool Mahal and Dhola Mahal. These exotic rooms are decked with carved arches, paintings, crystal work, stained glass work, inland stones of pink and green lotus leaves.

Currently, this palace has been transformed into a five-star hotel that is managed by Taj Group of Hotels. Special thanks to my friend Raghu for this picture. When we had visited the place there was not much water in the lake. He had clicked this snap on his earlier visit.

Jagadish Temple

The temple is located 150m north of the entrance to the City Palace. The temple was built by Maharana Jagat Singh in 1651. 

Sajjan Niwas Garden

This city is famous not only for lakes, but also gardens. There are lot of gardens in the city and we had time to visit only one of such garden.

It occupied around 100 acres of land and this garden famous for the roses. For the same it is also known as rose garden.

From Udaipur we traveled to Jaipur, the Pink City.

Distance: Udaipur ---> Jaipur 405 kms

P.S: December is the month when lot of tourists land in Rajasthan. So if you really want all the arrangements to be done properly this has to be done before October end.


ARUNA said...

awesome pictures........feeling nostalgic now!!!!

joo said...

Another great post! The places you show are so beautiful and interesting!

koand said...

Pałac i zdobienia robią wrażenie, świetne zdjęcia i opis , pozdrawiam .

Indrani said...

I am enjoying the tour through your pictures.

Baron's Life said...

A beautiful piece of architecture. Thanks for sharing this Palace with us.

Anonymous said...

luved the write-up and the first two pictures with the blue tinge - beautiful.

i badly miss travel and dont think i can travel for a while now. ur posts are making me really jealous :(

Anya said...

Lake Palace in on water and with gardens,
I can't believe it !!
Wonderful post with
beautiful architecture :)
The Jagadish Temple is a BEAUTY :)
I wish I could see it
with my on eyes ;)

Rajesh said...

Thanks to all for the nice words.

Aruna: Thanks, it is a nice place for sight seeing.

Joo: Thanks, I am happy you liked it.

Konad: Thanks for the kind words.

Indrani: Thanks, I think you should plan to see this place.

Baron: Thanks, It is really nice architecture.

Sandeep: Thanks, Unfortunately we can not travel all the time, how much ever we love it.

Anya: Thanks, it is a beautiful place and nice one to visit also.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

India is a beautiful country full of history and culture. Love also the people. Your blog is excellent!

Carver said...

Wonderful post. I enjoyed all the photographs as well as the narration.

Mar said...

I agree with my friend Carver, I very much enjoyed your post and pictures!!

SandyCarlson said...

Oh, my! What a gorgeous place. The detail is marvelous.

Ailurophile said...

What a beautiful palace, and temple. Looks like a great city. I wish I could visit India some time and go to the tiger reserves like Corbett, Bandavhgarh and Ranthambore..

Rajesh said...

Thanks to all for such lovely words.

Nicolaides: Thanks for the appreciation. As like any other country the history and culture is nice here.

Carver: Thanks for the appreciation.

Mar: Thanks for the appreciation.

T and S said...

I like the way you give a comprehensive perspective of the places you visit. Gives the experience of being there with you.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog...Thomas

Reader Wil said...

Thank you for this most interesting post. All those beautiful carvings are so gorgeous! In this day and age buildings are so sober and nobody has time to decorate them. Thanks for your visit.

Grace and Bradley said...

The lake palace must be an amazing place to visit when the lake is filled with water. Any reason for the short of water? Is it seasonal?

Elisabeth's bright side said...

Thanks for a new tour. It is nice to see India, this great land from this historic angle. Have nice week!

Bengbeng said...

u r opening up a whole new world for me jus like Indrani. thanks!

Rajesh said...

Thanks to all for such lovely words.

Sandy: Thank you.

Ailurophile: Thanks, welcome, there are more tiger reserves in India.

Thomas: Thanks for the appreciation.

Wil: Thanks for the appreciation.

Silence said...

excellent images of India

John said...

Great set of shots. Interesting info too.

Leanne said...

It certainly look a beautiful place.

Cloudia said...

From my home in beautiful Hawaii I salute your wonderful post and wonderful India. Aloha & Namaste

George said...

Thanks for taking us along on this tour of the beautiful palace, temple and park. It would be wonderful to see these in person, but your photos are great.

Rajesh said...

Thanks to all for such lovely words.

Grace & Bradley: In summer the temperature rises above 45 degree centigrade and lake dries up. But usually up to Jan there is water in the lake depending on the rains.

Elisabeth: Thanks for the appreciation.

Bengbeng: Thanks, you are most welcome to this world.

Silent: Thanks for the appreciation.

Glennis said...

Such a beautiful palace in the lake, i saw a floating palace when in India many years ago, it was somewhere near Agra I think from memory. I also like the stone elephant. nice to read of this and other temples from your blog.
Thanks for your visit to my blog.
The last photo, you mentioned, is out of focus as I wanted to show the distant blue mountains as clearly as I could, sorry about that.

Onkar said...

A nice tribute to Udaipur.

Kelly said... beautiful and amazing. I've never seen a structure completely cover an island! And the carvings on the temple are gorgeous.


Very nice pictures - and a description in words too, with significant facts. Lovely post.

Vancouver, Canada said...

Truly Awesome Photography! Great Blog!

Rajesh said...

Thanks to all for the nice words.

Silence: Thanks for the appreciation.

John: Thanks for the appreciation.

Leanne: Thanks, it is a beautiful place.

George: Thanks, you are most welcome to India.

Glennis: Thanks, it is nice to know you have to India already. You too have a wonderful blog.

Onkar: Thanks for the kind words.

Kelly: Thanks, it is a wonderful sight to see when the palace is surrounded by water.

Raji: Thanks for the appreciation.

Vancouver: Thanks for the appreciation.

bindu said...

Nice pictures, and good info in your posts about travel in India. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Oz Girl said...

All three very beautiful, but the Lake Palace really caught my eye. It is so majestic and gorgeous. What a wonderful place to stay, if one could afford it! :)

Jordan Sitorus said...

Wow! awesome blog with great Infos.


Wendy said...

I would love to stay at the Lake Palace.

Ilan said...

The first photo absolutely took my breath away!
What a beautiful scene!
Thank you for this photo!

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Palaces are fascinating pieces of history in stone and your post reveals this fascination so well.

Rajesh said...

Thanks to all for the lovely words.

Bindu: Thanks for the appreciation.

Oz Girl: Thanks, it is wonderful place to stay and enjoy the luxurious service.

Sitorus: Thanks for the appreciation.

Ilan: Thanks, all credit goes to my friend Raghu and he is in the last snap with my son.

AJEYA RAO said...

Nice pics..Rajasthan is top on my travel list. :-)

Hilary said...

Wonderful photos of a fabulous place. Lovely.

balkrishna said...

Beautiful pictures... Been to Jaipur three years back.. u bought the memories alive..

JyotiAjay said...

wonderful photos,nice blog.
keep writing.bye

Rajesh said...

Thanks to all for the nice words.

Ajay: Thanks, it is must visit place.

Hilary: Thanks for the appreciation.

Balkrishna: Thank you.

JyotiAjay: Thanks for the appreciation.

final_transit said...

Beautiful indeed! The sculptures are so detailed, must be thrilling to watch them in person!

Rajesh said...

Priyank: Thanks. This is a nice place and can easily tour here for 2 days.

Kcalpesh said...

This is great, your blog is wonderful and informative. I'm getting to know of places, unheard earlier!! Nice picture!

Kirigalpoththa said...

Lake Palace - Wow!

This place looks great!!

Rajesh said...

Kcalpesh: Thanks for the appreciation. It is a nice place to visit.

Kirigalpoththa: Thanks for the appreciation. Your blog is nice.