Monday, June 29, 2009

Venugopalaswamy Temple, Devanahalli

Devanahalli is a small town located at a distance of 35 kms fro Bangalore. There is lot of history associated with this place and there exists a beautiful Fort. There are many temples in the fort dedicated to Venugopalaswamy, Nanjundeshwara, Chandramauleshwara, Veerabhadraswamy, Ranganathaswamy etc., which belong to various era.The Venugopalaswamy temple is the oldest temple. It has a tall Rayagopura at the entrance and has a spacious inner Prakara with Garuda Stambha. At the entrance are placed two Vishnu statutes of Ganga times.


the shikara on inner prakara and garuda stambha

On the pillars of the main entrance stand two horsemen with swords unsheathed.
On these pillars on all other sides there are beautiful sculptures like dancing females, and warriors etc.,

Pillars at the entrance

The Garbhagriha has a standing Venugopala image of Vijayanagara style. The Navaranga in front of Garbhagriha has four black stoned pillars carved with fine relief sculptures on all sides.

One of the pillars in the Navarang

There are many sculptures on these pillars, such as Hayagriva, dancing female figures with attendant musicians, a conch blower, a Kinnara with the lower portion of his body in bird form, a huntress removing a thorn from her leg, etc.

dancing female


The outer walls have a frieze of large images illustrating scenes mostly from the Ramayana and the feats of Lord Krishna as a child.

scene from Ramayana

How to Reach There

This place is located on Bangalore - Hyderabad National Highway 7. On this road do not take a deviation to the airport. But still proceed until you reach a junction with circle on the road.


Sylvia K said...

Rajesh, another marvelous and fascinating post with fantastic photos! What a wonderful look at a part of your world! Thanks for sharing the beauty!

Have a great week!

Aparna said...

I have been to Bangalore twice but somehow have missed seeing this. Will make sure to see it next time. Thanks for sharing.

Rene said...

I actually have a friend that works in Hyderabad. I would love to visit India some day.

Laurie said...

Great series of images. Such interesting details.

mkreider said...

Great blog and wonderful photos. I can see I shall have a lot to learn from you!

SandyCarlson said...

So much sensuous beauty. Wonderful stuff.

Sally in WA said...

The carvings are wonderful! Thanks for sharing these great photos.

Island Rambles Blog said...

Really enjoyed your photos....all the photos in my world make the world smaller and more beautiful

Sandra said...

Magnificent pictures indeed! Greetings from Croatia.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Brilliant pictures as always! Thanks for taking me to a world that I so much wish to visit in person!

joo said...

The pilars are my favourite! Wow, 'm impressed. Great place - another must!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

The wealth and richness of Indian culture and history is amazing. Love your posts!

Mar said...

Fascinating pictures! I have never been to India, thanks for your informative post.
Happy Tuesday!

Regina said...

Thanks for the tour. Another great post. Excellent.

Wolynski said...

Certainly a lot of forts and temples in India - the detail in the architecture is just stunning. Wonderful work.

Kirigalpoththa said...

interesting architecture!
Thanks for the post!!

nadia said...

Amazing, intricate carvings! Thank you for the tour, Rajesh. You took some great shots of the place.

Anya said...

Never seen such beautiful temples.
Those pilars are amazing ...
Thanks for the wonderful shots :)

Reader Wil said...

Hi Rajesh! Another beautiful example of the buildings in your country! Thanks for sharing. We see a lot of the world this way, don't we?!


Great post, Rajesh - thanks. The pics are especially beautiful

Arija said...

Another wonder of your world. Thank you.

Luiz Ramos said...

Great your World.
Beautiful shots.

alicesg said...

Very beautiful architectural buildings with lovely designs. Interesting to view the pictures.

LadyFi said...

I love the ornately carved pillars!

pranksygang said...

Indian temples are superb in world ! i enjoyed ur tour !

Gaelyn said...

Incredibly detailed architecture. I'm always amazed at the amount of sculpture and think about all the time and people power it involved. Nice captures.

R.Ramakrishnan said...

Hi Rajesh

See my blog posting on 22 June'2008.Its titled "Weekend in Bangalore". Have covered Devanahalli Fort as well as Venugopalaswamy Temple.
Just saw your latest post. Exquisite photographs of the Temple.I think I shall be reading your postings regularly henceforth

Cheers !

Rajesh said...

Sylvia: Thanks for the appreciation.

Aparna: Thanks. It only half a day to go and see the place. I also hear there are some new Jain Temples in this area. I have not seen them yet.

Rene: Thanks, you are most welcome.

Laurie: Thanks for the appreciation.

Island Rambles: Thanks, the blogging makes the world smaller.

mkreider: Thanks for the appreciation.

Rakesh: Thanks, it is a nice place to visit in person.

Sandy: Thanks for the appreciation.

Joo: Thanks, the carving on pillars are exquisite.

Sally: Thanks for the appreciation.

Phivos: Thanks. I believe all cultures are rich in wealth. Only we need time to cherish and preserve them.

Sandra: Thanks for the appreciation.

Mar: Thanks, you should visit at least once.

Regina: Thanks for the appreciation.

Wolynski: Thanks, the forts and palace are in abundance here.

Kirigalpoththa: Thanks for the appreciation.

Anya: Thanks. True, the pillars are amazing.

nadia: Thanks for the appreciation.

Wil: Thanks for the appreciation. True, the world comes closer this way.

Raji: Thanks for the appreciation.

LadiFi: Thanks. True, the pillars are amazing.

Arija: Thanks for the appreciation.

pranksygang: Thanks, I agree with you.

Luiz: Thanks for the appreciation.

Gaelyn: Thanks for the appreciation. Yes, lot of effort has gone in them to bring it to this shape.

alicesg: Thanks for the appreciation.

Ramakrishnan: Thanks. I will certainly look into it.

Debra Trean said...

Love all the details... fabulous work

Jacob said...

What amazing photos! Incredible places and as you said the detail is magnificent.

Glennis said...

very interesting temple with wonderful carvings. Thanks for the tour.

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to go to India. I think when you want to find peace within yourself, India is the best place to go to.

By the way thanks for dropping by to my blog

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Pam said...

The workmanship on this temple is incredible and your photos are amazing. Great read, thanks for sharing.

M.Kate said...

We have many Indian temples here and I am always fascinated by them all, esp the colours and architechture. I have wanted for the longest time to go and take picture of our Batu Caves, where the largest Lord Murugan statue in the world is situated. One day I'll do that and climb the 272 stairs up the cave. Have a great week.

Ai Shiang said...

They are all very pretty and unusual.

indicaspecies said...

Lovely post. Thank you for sharing.

Elisabeth's bright side said...

Just fantastic photos! This would be something to see in real life.

Carver said...

Thanks for the fascinating tour. I loved the details you showed us.

Cuckoo said...

Oh I've never been to this place. Would love to go there one day.

Thanks for sharing.

Lily Hydrangea said...

these are beautiful sculptural reliefs, thanks for sharing!

Walter Neiger said...

another interesting series of an interesting place with many of great details.

ShySongbird said...

It really is interesting to see architecture so different from ours, so detailed and so much history. Great photos.

George said...

Thanks for the wonderful pictures and fine description of another fascinating site it would be great to visit.

Buenos Aires Photoblog said...

Wonderful! I had some problems reading it. (:

Venugopalaswamy, Nanjundeshwara, Chandramauleshwara, Veerabhadraswamy, Ranganathaswamy etc.

I love it!

Fish Whisperer said...

Great place. I love the carving on the temple.

Diane C. said...

Fascinating tour of the temple. Beautiful sculpture with many fine details. Great photos!

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Funny, I have visited this place but your post opened my eyes to many lovely details which i had missed.

Tammie Lee said...

You have offered us a wonderful tour of an amazing place. Thank you!

Rajesh said...

Debra: Thanks for appreciation.

Glennis: Thank you, there are many more intricate carvings in this temple.

Jacob: Thanks for appreciation.

Pam: Thanks for appreciation. Lot of effort has gone into the temple to be in this state.

Ai Shiang: Thanks for appreciation.

M.Kate: Thanks, I have been to Batu Caves. It is a very nice place with a huge entrance to the cave.

Celine JS: Thanks for appreciation.

Elisabeth: Thanks, it is a nice place to see in person.

Carver: Thanks for the appreciation.

Cuckoo: Thanks, it is a nice place. Make time to see this.

Lily: Thanks for the appreciation.

Walter: Thanks, I hope to continue to provide such details.

ShySongbird: Thanks, architecture in every place is unique.

George: Thanks for appreciation. It is definitely a fascinating place to see.

Buenos Aires: Thanks, I can understand the difficulty.

Fish Whisperer: Thanks for appreciation.

Diane: Thanks for appreciation. It is definitely a fascinating place to see.

Sucharita: Thanks, I am glad I could present something that you had missed.

Tammie: Thanks for appreciation.

sandeep said...

yet another beautiful temple and prety photos. thnx for sharing

Carraol said...

Beautiful sculptures and a great place to visit!

magiceye said...

oh wow! that is so beautiful! and so close to Bangalore too! thank you for sharing this part of your world!

Sumandebray said...

took me back to my college days while we used to study the History of Indian Architecture

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Rajesh:)


I enjoyed reading your excellent narration along with lovely photos.

The carvings are exquisite and mind blowing.

You are a true ambassador of India.

Your consistent efforts to show case India is truly admirable.

Have a nice day Rajesh:)

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Rajesh This is a fantastic post !! I have been to this place in year 2002.This is a beautiful location..I regained my memories..Thanks for sharing the beauty..Do check my another blog also i.e.Unseen Rajasthan

Robin said...

The way those sculptures are placed on pillars it looks as if they should be carried in a procession. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your world with us.

Leanne said...

Thanks for taking us on a look around such a beautiful temple.

Rajesh said...

Sandeep: Thanks for the appreciation.

Bangalore: Thanks. It is close to Bangalore, but many people are unaware of what can be seen here.

Carrol: Thanks for the appreciation.

Sumandebray: Thanks, I love history. It was my favorite subject.

Joseph: Thanks for the appreciation. I love showing the world what I have experienced by traveling here.

Unseen: Thanks for the appreciation.

Robin: Thank you. You have said it wonderfully.

Leanne: Thanks for the appreciation.

Denise said...

Hello Rajesh. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving your good wishes for my son's marriage. I appreciated them very much. I have enjoyed my visit here. Your photos are wonderful and a very interesting post to read. Beautiful structures, so different to anything I have ever seen myself except in photos such as yours. The carvings are magnificent.

joshi daniel said...

i have been to bangalore many times. but missed this place!

Ebie said...

Rajesh, such great architecture. I have enjoyed the tour of your world.

Mitr - Friend said...

Hi Rajesh,
Have u been to Belur, Halabeid, and Somnathpur near B'lore and M'sore. Day trips are available from both places by taxi's. Its called in local lingo as BHS trip. But that S stands for Sravannabellagola. Add up Somnathpur with it.
Its a must see... I bet you, nothing in the world can match the Hoysala architechture and Sculptures here...

tikno said...

Interesting photos because have the sense of culture in it

Rajesh said...

Denise: Thanks for the appreciation.

Joshi: Thanks, it is a nice palce.

Ebie: Thanks for the appreciation.

Mitr: Thanks, I have been to Belur, Halebeid and Somnathpur. I agree, the carvings and sculpture there are exquisite.

Tikno: Thank you

Barbara Martin said...

Rajesh, this is a wonderful historical post with the photographs that compliment the narrative nicely. I especially liked the horsemen with their swords. The architecture is exquisite.

Rajesh said...

Barbara: Thanks for the appreciation. All the temples of those days have exquisite craftsmanship.

Travelpaisa said...

We have included Venugopalaswamy temple at Devanahalli in our shortlist of day trips around Bangalore with a link to your site. You can check the same at Day trips around Bangalore

Uthra said...

Hi Rajesh,
Just read your post, amazing photographs...Have you been to the Gopalaswamy Betta temple? It is on the Mysore - Ooty road after Gundukkal, I think.. about 2 - 3 hours drive from Mysore..not to be missed..
Thanks again,

Nancy Thomas said...

I arrived in Bangalore a month ago and have been looking for short day trips around the city to take with my children. The temple was wonderful, and a nice short ride from Bangalore. My children, aged 4 and 8, loved looking at the carvings on the temple walls, and walking along the fort. We wondered aloud at what the place must have looked like in its hey day. Thanks so much for the idea!